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這個網站純粹以探討藝術為目標,主要運用的語言是英文,原因是本人中文輸入法速度不快,打中文字慢.為了方便起見,用了英文表達自己的意見.              劉齊發 (C.F.Lau)

Exhibition: Motivation from Paintings - Artwork by C.F. Lau

on 20 - 23 Jul 2018

in the Exhibition Hall, 5/F, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (VA)

Some displays of previous artwork exhibition at the website


 The exhibition has ended on 23 Jul 2018

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About ART

This is the web site purely for the discussion of ART, not for politics, economics or business. It may just be for the research of ART, related to the WHAT the BEAUTY is. To my view it is something attracts human beings for ever, independent on time.

From the basic components of BEAUTY, I'll try to explain what it is related to the feelings of human beings and the man-made things around us. Architecture, Music, Paintings, Sculptures and other things around us related to the BEAUTY is going to be discussed. Perhaps it may take a very long time, and mostly never come to an end.

From the point of ART, we can review something related to human beings history. It is interesting that mostly I found that archaeologists and historians use their practical views to study some objects produced by ancient people. If we think they should be the ancient artists to produce such things, then we perhaps know why they could have such powerful mind and energy to build such fantastic structures.

                                                                                    C.F.Lau,     07 Nov 2005


(Remark: The views of mine are very personal, some may be very foolish, to some people's view. I would like to apologize for it if some people is unhappy after reading them. It is because there are some ideas commonly believed to be true, but to me I think they are not. Also some remark "Later Explanation" is that there is no time to explain. As a normal practice, working for arts is difficult to earn living. I have to earn my living first and then if time is available, I'll type the message for giving my ideas in this web site as a research of Art. Normally the addition of new materials between the last time is not too long, should be no longer than 2 months.)


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